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    Can someone tell me which Qualcomm chip set this is. Using app CPU-Z it displays the SoC as;

    Qualcomm 0x805
    Qualcomm 0x804
    2.4 GHz


    6x Qualcomm 0x805 @ 2.4 GHZ
    2x Qualcomm 0x804 @ 1.8 GHZ

    Additionally, it list 8 cores.

    GPU Renderer - Adreno 620 @ 625 MHz

    I searched online but nothing conclusive. This is the Unlocked version of the phone.

    Screen shot added.
    Attached Thumbnails Samsung A71 5G - which chip set is this?-cpu_mfg.jpg  
    11-08-2020 05:08 PM
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    I moved this from the A5 forum to the More Samsung Phones forum, since we don't have a specific forum for the A71.
    11-08-2020 06:57 PM
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    765g snap dragon for US
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    11-08-2020 10:06 PM
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    How is this phone by the way?
    11-28-2020 02:50 PM

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