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    I need to get my 79 year old mum a new Samsung phone. She's had my old Note 3 for a while now which is still alive and kicking but there are some apps like an EKG monitor that are no longer compatible with the phone.

    It has to be a Samsung phone or rather that has KNOX based because apparently they are the only phones that I can fully control remotely using TeamViewer QuickSupport. It only needs to be a budget one so I'm looking at the A21s unless anyone thinks there are better models bang for buck wise?

    What I would like to know is if it's worth holding off for a few weeks because isn't Samsung revealing new phones in a few weeks and if so, might that bring the price down of the A21s or offer something better for a similar price? Are these coming new releases only related to the premium range in which case might be irrelevant to the budget range?

    Thanks very much and hope you can help.
    01-01-2021 11:15 AM
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    I would look at the A51 if you can, much better phone.
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    01-01-2021 12:56 PM
  3. Spingel's Avatar
    Thanks, I was looking at that model and it is better than the A21 but nearly twice the price. Do you think it'll come down in price quite a bit when the new models are released soon?

    Then again, I've just compared the specs on GSMArena. I don't know how accurate they are but even though the Note 3 is now well over 7 years old, the screen seems much superior than the A21s and not far off from the A51!

    Which Samsung phone and should I wait for a while?-go-note-3-.jpg

    Surely the A21s speed is faster than the Note 3? Sadly there's no benchmarks for the Note 3, just a shame many apps aren't compatible.
    01-01-2021 03:49 PM

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