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    I have the galaxy exhibit from MetroPCS, rooted, and am using the Plantronics Magneto bluetooth. This issue has been occurring randomly since the last OTA update (~1 month) and it's totally random, I can be talking for a few minuets and it will just end the call. The phone is in my pocket, but on the few occasions that I have had the phone in hand I have watched it suddenly just end the call as if the other end hung up, but I have confirmed that it's not the other end. But on the other extreme, I am able to talk on the phone for over and hour and it does not hang up. The time/locations/type of call (landline or cell)/ are all completely random so I am not able to figure out any pattern. My first thought was perhaps it was getting bumped around in my pocket and pressing the end button, but I have ruled that out. Now yesterday I noticed that after Greenify ran, almost immediately after words the call hung up, but when I manually use the widget to run Greenify, it does not end the call, so I am back to square one! I purchased the phone in March, so I have ~3 months left of the warranty. MetroPCS service center is a joke, so I am not even going to attempt to get them to 'fix' the phone because there idea is doing a factory reset, and that obviously might 'fix' the problem, but it never addresses the root cause. I am hoping that someone might have some clue as to WTF is wrong with it, and a possible fix!
    12-17-2015 08:08 PM

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