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    Hey guys I m having a severe issue with my galaxy grand 2 ... look the problem is when I install a large sized game , for ex- injustice and when I pastry the data into the obb folder , the game runs perfectly but after a couple of hours , the obb file of injusticr disappears from the obb folder...and when I check the app info , it still says 1.31 gb app data and when I open the game , it signals there is no app data and starts a download ... and when I uninstalled the game , the game was removed completely but it was still taking a 1.31 gb space ... where is that obb file ? I tried tracking it many times to get my storage back but it didn't work. . I even emptied my whole storage but still that game was occupying space... I finally reset my phone and the space was freed... I installed another game called mortal kombat X and same happened with what happened with injustice. .. Help me tech junkies ... is it just me ? Or anyone else suffers from this weird issue ?
    09-03-2016 04:09 AM
  2. Mago27's Avatar
    try ES-fileExplorer's clean-up feature it does well feeeing such junk
    09-03-2016 04:19 AM

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