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    I have a Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 GT S6500D ( I couldn't find this phone in the phone list menu)
    The phone was operating fine earlier - but when I checked the phone later I found the top menu that has the status of wifi, cell reception and battery level and time wasn't showing; also the drop down menu, activated by a downward swipe, that shows the turn data on and off, wifi, etc, wouldn't work.
    I also found the wifi had no connection, I checked Settings -> wireless and network -> Wifi settings -> Wifi showed "Turning on" flashing intermitently. Also Wifi Direct showed 'Not Responding' No Wifi was shown under search for wifi, although wifi is working for the computer on the same wifi network the phone usually connects with.
    A message saying can't connect to Google Play Store keeps flashing, even though that icon wasn't clicked.
    A number of times I have taken out the SD card, Battery and Sim, then restarted without result. On one occasion it wouldn't accept the pin number and I had to use the PUK number to access the home screen.
    It seems the phone as a whole is unstable.
    Any ideas how to resolve this condition would be great. Thank you
    11-06-2016 06:00 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Moved to the More Samsung Phones forum.

    Try wiping the cache partition, which won't erase any personal data. Follow the steps here, but instead of selecting Wipe Data, make sure to select Wipe Cache Partition: SAMSUNG S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 - How to Hard Reset my phone - HardReset.info
    11-06-2016 06:52 PM

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