1. martin2345uk's Avatar
    Just wondered what people think of it? I have an iPhone Xʀ at the moment, I think the A71 is a fair bit bigger but I’m assuming it has a better screen... also curious about battery life and general performance
    04-10-2020 11:19 AM
  2. rhapdog's Avatar
    Alas, my A71 doesn't arrive until Tuesday. I made the purchase after seeing many reviews from trusted sources.

    Battery life was a big plus to all who reviewed it. Runs very well for a mid-range, but it's no flagship. The screen is super-AMOLED and is gorgeous.

    Whether or not it's the right one for you depends on your needs.

    There are numerous reviews on tech sites and on YouTube that can be quickly found with a search.
    04-10-2020 08:14 PM
  3. AppleIncider's Avatar
    I have the A71. It's a great phone. It takes better pictures than my iPhone X lol.
    6.7 inches of a gorgeous screen. Battery life is perfect. I get 2 days on one charge.
    Best phone purchase I made in a while.
    Oh, and I have the OtterBox case for it too.
    04-10-2020 11:43 PM
  4. martin2345uk's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Great to hear how real people find it haha
    04-11-2020 03:18 AM
  5. marvelaos's Avatar
    I also have an A71 so far so good, great battery life, great screen and performance. Pictures look awesome as well compared to my previous Motorola G6+ Currently on January security patch and waiting on update to UI 2.1 with April security patch. Good phone for the money I'd say.
    04-17-2020 01:12 PM
  6. OhAlfie's Avatar
    I got my A71 last week. Only really frustrating issue I have is that face unlock and fingerprint unlock is VERY finicky. Seems it unlocks correctly 75% of the time.

    Rest of phone works fine.

    Now waiting on TMO to update more 5G towers around our area of town. Right now in a very big part of our town I get 5mb speeds at best.
    06-27-2020 09:23 PM

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