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    Tablet is some Chinese knock off. I know I know... but this is all I could afford at the moment.

    Samsung Glaxy TabS T1000 HL 20140929
    It's running Android 4.4 (kernel version 3.4.5)

    Anyway, it worked fine for the last month. Up until this morning. It shut down all of a sudden. And when I powered it back on, it seemed to work fine. But then, it starts giving me these messages:

    "unfortunately, the process android.process.media has stopped."

    And then another app (whatsapp, browser, etc..) crashes and I get that message for it as well. When I try to run any of those apps, they don't open.

    I rebooted a few times, nothing. As soon as I reboot, the apps start crashing and I can't get on the wifi, can't activate data, or run apps.

    I decided to do a factory reset.

    That didn't fix anything.

    In fact, I noticed an even bigger problem. When I leave it on idle, it goes to sleep. But then when I hit the button to bring it back from sleep, _nothing_. I have to click the power button for 10+ seconds and it boots up.

    I let it run out of battery, then fully recharged it, rebooted, nothing fixed, another factory reset, nothing fixed.

    I'm trying everything. I'm now trying to root it and flash a custom ROM on it but:

    * The device is a knock off, so no official tools to root, and no available ROMs for it as far as I have searched.

    * To root, I have to use apps to root. But 1) I can't connect to wifi or 3G at all so I can't download them. 2) When I connect to a PC via USB and try to turn on USB storage, it says the app crashes, and the PC doesn't detect it.

    If anyone has any ideas I could try, please do share them. I can't afford another tablet and this is my only device aside from this old laptop, and I depend a lot on it.

    Any help fixing this would be really appreciated! Thank you.
    07-12-2015 02:32 PM

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