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    Everyone is making a big deal about the moto 360... Yes it is a nice looking watch but I really do this that this smart watch beats them all

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    08-01-2014 11:29 PM
  2. cdmta's Avatar
    My thoughts:
    Thick as heck
    Can't change watch face
    Is it using android wear?(cuz its the sh*t)
    Expensive ( a guess)

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    08-02-2014 11:18 AM
  3. Android4life47's Avatar
    So I guess everyone else wants a smart watch that looks like a toy made of cheap plastic, can't change the battery so when the battery can't hold a charge anymore you are azz out of over $300.00. All this because you can't change the face of the watch????

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    08-02-2014 12:08 PM
  4. MojoVersion8's Avatar
    not terribly fond of the straps sticking out like that, I prefer the the strap style of the Moto 360 and Uniform Ware 104
    08-02-2014 01:07 PM
  5. zorak950's Avatar
    I like the Moto 360 style; I don't think it's cheap-looking at all. And knowing me by the time its battery wore out I'd have upgraded anyway. I'm not committing to anything until I see it for myself, but it's Motorola's money to lose at this stage.
    08-02-2014 09:23 PM
  6. YAYTech's Avatar
    What I see is a computer rendering. An interesting concept, but I'm pessimistic about seeing this as anything more than a concept anytime soon. I also see no need for mechanical innards in a watch (especially a smartwatch). Yes, they are neat, but they exist solely as a gimmick. They add to weight and complexity for one purpose - to give the owner something shiny to look at.

    *edit* I see they are doing a pre-order. For a product that they don't have a working pre-production model for, from a non-established company. Talk about risky...
    08-04-2014 11:59 AM
  7. Chiplg's Avatar
    If that is ever a real product, I'll buy it, and I don't care how much it costs. Shut up. Take my money. Make me new models for next year. I might buy one of those, too.

    I love real, analog watches. I'm wearing one right now, and I'm going to miss it when I get my Moto 360. I can't even begin to tell you how much the idea of this watch, or one like it makes me happy. As for changing the watch face, that's why people buy multiple watches. It is a piece of jewelry, and I'm ok with buying several to fit the occasion. That was another thing that I was going to miss with the Moto 360. I'm already wanting two of these. The MSW 115_C and SSW 158_G.

    Having said that, I'll wait to see it for real before pulling the trigger. I'd love to get the discount, but I don't want to gamble. They claim demo units should be available by October. If so, we will see some reviews. If not, we can keep hoping. In the mean time, I'm waiting on the Moto 360 and hoping to see more smart watch designs in the future.
    08-12-2014 04:36 PM

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