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    Since the last update i have random disconnection with the moto 360 and the htc one max, , bluetooth range since to be short now, my phone is 5-7 meters from the cradle of the moto 360, i have the notification since the last update on the 10/23 the phone is disconected, bring the watch closer to the phone and gets immediately connected, but that doesn't happen before the update, the bluetooth range was bigger, also today i have to reset the watch and remove the android wear from the phone, then add it back, phone is in my metal cabinet less than 1.5 meters and gets ramdomly disconnected, i have an app that start to vibrated and let me know that is disco, go to settings and verify that indeed is disconnected from android wear, also today the battery only last from 6 am when i wake up to go to work until 1 pm after my lunch break, way less before the update, so basically the update affecting my moto 360 instead to bring benefits, also i reset it one more time right now and wait for the android wear 2.0, if it doesn't contact motorola for a replacement watch. any ideas what could happen with this update ? smart watch was awesome before the update and now everything is wrong, battery life, bluetooth range, etc
    10-25-2014 05:31 PM

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