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    I know we've had this update (for a little while now) where we can create our own watchfaces in the updated Connect app - I've been playing around with it a lot having lots of fun with it.

    For all those other gear heads (car fans) like me, wanted to share this really cool looking watchface with you guys.

    Was searching Google images for wheels, BBS, etc, here's a wheel picture that works very well with the watch.

    I'm using the first one with the Brembo brake as my daily driver.
    The second wheel also works nice.

    I attached the originals, so whoever would like to use can too...

    I have more images of wheels and round objects I could post/share, but no need, Google images does the job.
    Got the watch pretty close to inception, Motorola and Google are just making this watch better and better!Share your "Make your own" watchface pic (via connect)-img_20141116_120619.jpgShare your "Make your own" watchface pic (via connect)-panameramansoryblack2b.jpgShare your "Make your own" watchface pic (via connect)-18269f2c34151fc98df66af525c1b3fd.jpg
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    11-16-2014 11:03 AM
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    that is cool idea with the rims. wish I thought of that. im just making them with my fav sports teams. I like how connect makes it so easy to make analog watches

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    11-16-2014 11:34 AM

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