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    My wife just bought me the Moto 360 for Christmas. What should I know about setting it up? Any headaches I should avoid? I am pairing it with a 2014 Moto X.

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    12-15-2014 08:56 PM
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    It's incredibly easy. Surprised me. Walks you right through it.

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    12-15-2014 09:31 PM
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    Give the battery about three full charge discharge cycles before you judge battery life. It will get better after you go through that. You also will probably get an update shortly. There has been to updates to Android wear that have rolled out over the last week or so. They add some new features. Look on this forum for those threads. They will explain them to you. There are lots of really cool watch faces in the Google Play Store, look for the ones that are done with the new API's that work with Android 5.0. Those ones are the best, they don't use any extra battery life. Enjoy your new watch! I sure love mine.

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    12-15-2014 11:37 PM

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