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    Moto E review: the people's smartphone | The Verge

    Cutting what isn’t strictly necessary, but retaining a core of reliable performance and simple design, Motorola has set a new standard with the Moto E. No longer can phone manufacturers complacently issue hamstrung devices that only look, but don’t really act, like smartphones. Firefox OS and every other effort at building affordable smartphones will have to measure themselves against the Moto E’s comprehensive capabilities. This phone is fast and responsive, hides its compromises well, and its access to the Google Play Store plugs it into the vast and thriving Android ecosystem.

    Android became the dominant mobile platform of today on the back of breakthrough high-end devices like the Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Evo 4G, and Motorola Droid. The next stage in its growth will be driven by phones like the Moto E, a handset that’s affordable to many and good enough for most.
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    05-22-2014 11:56 AM
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    The E truly has changed the way people and OEMs look at an economical smartphone.
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    08-27-2014 04:29 PM

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