1. anon(5344685)'s Avatar

    soo....I got Moto E 2015 couple of days ago and having been Windows Phone user for the last 5 years....I must say I now knew why I was using it for so long.

    From time to time I get border of WP and then I would usually buy something with Android (I already had Motorola Atrix back in the day, LG Optimum 2x, Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy S3) . Every time I would get Android device, first thing I would do is to transfer all that is " transferable" from my old phone and then download all the apps I use (on average around 25-30 apps). It wouldn't take more than a day for the system to slow down and for apps to start hanging. After so many years of Android existence I would always hope that the next version would finally fix this... fast forward to my new Moto E and... again disappointment.... same thing two days after, Google Play Music would crash during normal use, Outlook would hang, Kindle would take years to load after opening and closing the app 5 times and the whole launcher would crash reporting it on the screen at least 5 times a day... seriously what is this, no such a thing would EVER happen on Windows Phone, if the app crashes there it happens once in a year, if you're lucky and no matter if it's $30 device or $500. I understand that above seems like a lot of ranting, but please someone explain this to me, is that a norm that every android user should get used to or what exactly it is? I would love to enjoy the system much more, especially that Lollipop makes the design look so nice and fresh, but itself it's ruining the experience.

    Also spec wise Moto E has slightly more power than New Moto G and less pressure on the processor thanks to lower screen resolution, which should make this work even better than Moto G, so why is the performance so bleak....
    03-21-2015 02:59 PM
  2. Raptor007's Avatar
    I would try one of the apps that monitors the devices systems, cpu, memory, RAM etc to see if something is hogging up the resources. I am moving back to Android after another brief stint on iOS and have played with many Android phones in the store, friends phones and none of them have exhibited what you have experienced. It could be a bad phone, a rouge app. I would suggest start with a fresh hard reset, install one app at a time and see what the app is that is causing it.
    03-21-2015 04:39 PM
  3. anon(5344685)'s Avatar
    Thanks. However after using windows phone and iPhone before too I must say that Android although the most open is still the most messed up and doesn't "just work" like other to do.

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    03-21-2015 05:37 PM
  4. mohit9206's Avatar
    This is an inherent problem is all Android phones. I too was a Windows Phone user(Lumia 520) for a year then sold it and bought a Moto E 2014 but thankfully i have only occasionally faced any lag or crashes or hangs. Maybe this is because of Kitkat which was specifically optimized to run on lower end devices. Lollipop on the other hand undoes that and goes back to being laggy on low end phones. So my best suggestion would be to ditch the Moto E 2015 and instead get a phone with Kitkat and turn off automatic updates because Lollipop is worse than kitkat in performance among other things. Or wait for Android 5.1 and see if that improves things.
    03-23-2015 06:25 AM
  5. kuff kuff's Avatar
    I got it a few days ago and performance was pretty bad with constant lags, it was frustrating. I noticed that Chrome was part of the problem so I deactivated it. Yesterday I read that deactivating the Moto services would help, so I deactivated those too and since then I didn't have any problems with the phone anymore. It is fast with a fluid UI and is a joy to use now. Might be worth a try for you too to deactivate that stuff.. (I use Opera instead of Chrome)
    03-26-2015 04:41 AM
  6. Pratham Nathyal's Avatar
    Guys why are you defaming the phone its the best phone

    It doesn't lag even after installing 47 apps including big ones like asphalt 8,spiderman unlimited, plant vs zombies 2
    U try to reset it may work

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-28-2015 02:25 PM
  7. nobreak1970's Avatar
    5.1 solved most issues.
    07-18-2015 02:51 PM

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