1. Vikas Rao2's Avatar
    My WiFi has been giving me problems since 3 days. It has a mind of its own as it frequently switches off itself. However, Thats not the problem The phone's WiFi wont turn on now. As soon as I put it on, it turns itself off. Would this be a software or hardware problem with the phone. I looked at one forum which asked me to smack the phone, which worked the first time but not anymore. Any suggestions or fixes would be helpful.

    P.S: I have tried this on two roms, The stock motorola lollipop rom and CyanogenMod 12.1.

    Help would be appreciated.
    06-05-2015 09:34 AM
  2. Matthew Hinkle's Avatar
    If smacking it helps I would say its a hardware issue do you have a backup of the original stock rom
    06-05-2015 11:26 AM
  3. Vikas Rao2's Avatar
    I dont. But my brother has the exact same phone and has faced no problems so far.

    P.S Mine runs on CyanogenMod 12.1 and his is on stock firmware
    06-05-2015 03:17 PM
  4. Vikas Rao2's Avatar
    Okay. I have now restored to stock firmware but the problem is not yet gone
    06-07-2015 09:57 AM

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