1. Oldwisewiz's Avatar
    I have many bookmarks in Chrome, synced across my computers, but when I open the Chrome app on my new Android and click Bookmarks, I see the message "No bookmarks here." I have checked the sync settings in Settings. I have rebooted. I have some history from computer-browser site-visits, but no bookmarks.

    I tried installing a bookmarks app, but it failed to produce my bookmarks, so I uninstalled it.

    Any ideas what I can do to access my computer-browser bookmarks on my Moto E?
    11-29-2015 11:49 AM
  2. Ian Morgan2's Avatar
    I have a Chromebook and a Moto running Chrome.....very recently I moved from running the Chrome Dev to Stable on Moto.......I had the " No bookmarks here " reaction show up....but all the bookmarks showed up by the following day.
    11-29-2015 12:04 PM
  3. Oldwisewiz's Avatar
    Found my solution! I posted it in the General Help and How To forum, way down at the bottom of the long Problem with Android and Chrome Syncing Bookmarks thread. It wasn't intuitive, but it worked.

    When I open the Chrome browser on my Moto E and hit Bookmarks in the menu, it shows Bookmarks>Mobile Bookmarks at the top of the page, and "No bookmarks here" in the centre. I clicked Bookmarks (to the left of "Mobile bookmarks," and a new page opened with three folders: Mobile bookmarks, Desktop bokmarks, and Other bookmarks. Both Mobile and Other are empty, but Desktop lists my Bookmarks Bar contents and shows another folder at the bottom of the list, called (surprise!) Bookmarks. Opened that, and voila! All of my bookmarks folders and all of their contents are listed and live!

    HTH somebody. I found it by pure trial and error, with no help from the forums.
    11-29-2015 12:31 PM

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