1. Mr Me1's Avatar
    How can I get the time & date to display in big font on the "home" display with or without default icons?
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    02-19-2016 08:52 AM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    The simplest way would be to use the Android Digital Clock widget.

    Find a nice blank spot on your home screen, tap&hold, tap Widgets, tap&hold Digital Clock and drag it to the desired location.
    02-19-2016 08:57 AM
  3. Mr Me1's Avatar
    When I tap & hold, I get a reduced screen, some icons but no "widgets".
    02-19-2016 09:28 AM
  4. N4Newbie's Avatar
    When I tap & hold, I get a reduced screen, some icons but no "widgets".
    Under that reduced screen, you should see Wallpapers - Widgets - Settings.
    02-19-2016 09:35 AM
  5. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Here is a tutorial from Sprint (should be the same procedure, regardless of your carrier): Add or remove a widget to your homescreen - Moto E - Sprint Prepaid
    02-19-2016 09:41 AM
  6. Mr Me1's Avatar
    Ahh, got it ! In digital format. Now can I resize the date which is in small font and change to a more viberant colour so I can see it at a glance.
    Thanks N4Newbie for speedy solution 1
    02-19-2016 09:46 AM
  7. Fred Talmadge's Avatar
    As you drag the time around to place it, a box will appear that you can resize it. If you want to do more fancy stuff you may have to find another clock widget.
    02-20-2016 11:18 AM
  8. Narayanadhanraj's Avatar
    How can I get the time log font big
    09-19-2017 02:04 AM
  9. lindaws48's Avatar
    I want it to be on my home screen
    06-05-2018 01:41 PM

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