1. ashu95's Avatar
    Sir I my Moto E2 the SD card is unmounted self....what is the problem..please help
    08-12-2016 12:31 PM
  2. tube517's Avatar
    Check first if your card is legit. Use the app "SD Insight" to check.

    Where did you buy your card? What is the brand name?
    08-12-2016 12:42 PM
  3. Fred Talmadge's Avatar
    I have a 256gig card and it gets corrupted every few months. I turn off my phone, take it out, reformat it on my computer, put all my data (mostly music) and put it back in the phone. I'm guessing the problem is using the old unreliable FAT format.
    08-12-2016 03:50 PM
  4. Fred Talmadge's Avatar
    Excuse me, it's actually a Sandisk 128gb card.
    08-13-2016 12:02 PM
  5. Bylts MF's Avatar
    Had the same problem a while ago. I'm using a Samsung 32 gb sd card. There was a corrupted file that made my sd card unmount randomly. I dont remember exactly what i did to fix it but i think i went through all the files somehow until i found the one that was corrupted and it unmounted it. Putting the data back on the phone solves it for a while, until the corrupted file gets indexed or something again.
    01-12-2017 03:38 PM

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