1. 1901Madison's Avatar
    I just bought a Moto E4 Plus. It's actually pretty snappy with most tasks, but for some reason, loading Google apps takes awhile. The biggest offender is Gmail, which can take 1.5-2 seconds to load. Anyone know how I can make it faster? I've tried other mail apps and they are much faster, so I'm thinking it's a Gmail thing more than the phone. I don't want to use a different mail app because no others have the functionality to label an email (as opposed to moving it to a folder).
    09-21-2017 08:10 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Any sync errors in Settings>Accounts>Google?
    09-21-2017 11:37 AM
  3. 1901Madison's Avatar
    No sync errors. It seems to be an issue with the Gmail app. I can't figure out why it would lag so much. None of the other apps lag nearly as much when opening them.
    09-21-2017 01:18 PM
  4. 1901Madison's Avatar
    Hmmmm... I did a hard restart and now Gmail and all other apps are loading just fine. First restart since I bought the phone on Tuesday, so who knows?
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    09-21-2017 10:05 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    By hard restart, do you mean a reboot, or a factory reset?
    09-22-2017 01:18 AM
  6. mattkerwin24's Avatar
    Got mine yesterday and have had zero issues
    09-22-2017 09:41 AM
  7. 1901Madison's Avatar
    By hard restart, do you mean a reboot, or a factory reset?
    A hard reboot, not a factory reset.
    09-22-2017 08:20 PM
  8. mobrules's Avatar
    Be sure to post up how you like the phone.
    09-22-2017 10:24 PM
  9. 1901Madison's Avatar
    Be sure to post up how you like the phone.
    I'm coming from an original Moto Z Play. In comparison, it's definitely a little bit slower, but not enough to truly matter. The screen also isn't as crisp. That and the camera are the two areas where you truly feel the "budget" nature of the phone. The battery life is epic! Probably even a little bit better than the Z Play. I'm at 66% right now and I've been off the charger for 34 hours with 5 hours SOT.

    Since I don't game and don't take a ton of pictures, this is a great phone for me for the price. Even taking out price as a consideration, it's still a really good phone. If I didn't know better, I'd guess it's a $275-300 phone.

    Amazingly, Best Buy honored the $159.99 price of the Amazon version for the 32gb version! So I got this device for $160 - a steal!
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    09-23-2017 10:36 AM
  10. mobrules's Avatar
    I need to run to best buy...... Thanks for the info.
    09-23-2017 01:42 PM
  11. mobrules's Avatar
    I bought one for my mother in law. Having Sunday dinner I asked how the phone was working out for her. She averages 3-4 days between charges.
    09-24-2017 09:45 PM
  12. 1901Madison's Avatar
    That sounds about right. Currently, I've been off the charger for 24 hours with 3 hours of SOT. I'm at 80%.
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    09-25-2017 08:58 AM

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