1. TechTimid's Avatar
    The black Lock Screen on my phone shows the time and date and the small padlock at the bottom to unlock and go to homepage.

    When I pick up the phone, I have to move it around a lot just to get the Lock Screen info to show, so I can proceed to homepage.

    Once it does show, it's just there for a short moment, many times not even long enough to swipe the padlock up. Then I have to tilt the phone back and forth again trying to get the info to once again show.

    Is there a way to get that Lock Screen info to show right away when I pick up the phone?

    Is there a way for it to show longer than a quick moment when it does show, so I have time to swipe it and use the phone?
    04-20-2019 03:52 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    The fingerprint sensor should bring it right up and keep it there long enough to unlock it. (You have to use fingerprint unlocking, of course.)
    04-20-2019 05:13 PM
  3. TechTimid's Avatar
    My phone doesn't have a fingerprint sensor Rukbat, so I never used one.
    04-20-2019 06:10 PM
  4. TechTimid's Avatar
    Any other advice on having the info on that lock screen show quicker and stay visible longer to swipe up and use the phone?
    05-01-2019 10:11 AM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    What if you just press the Power button? That typically wakes the screen and shows the lockscreen.

    There usually isn't any way to adjust how long the lockscreen stays on before the screen goes back to sleep again -- it isn't controlled by the same screen timeout setting for when the phone is awake.
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    05-01-2019 01:32 PM
  6. TechTimid's Avatar
    Thanks B.Diddy, now I know that there's no way to make the screen stay on longer and I can just use the power button to see it briefly again.

    One more thing I'm unsure about. When I chose wallpapers for my home screen and lock screen, it showed the lock screen as having the wallpaper, and besides the lock to swipe up, it also has a microphone and camera option to swipe.

    That screen just shows very briefly when I start the phone, and it quickly turns to a black screen with just the time, date and lock swipe icon. There is no camera or microphone icon there.

    Is this normal and necessary to have 2 lock screens, one with the wallpaper and one black? If it is normal, I don't care about the microphone, but I'd like to have the camera icon on that black screen, is that possible?

    Thanks for any advice, this is pretty new to me.
    05-03-2019 09:39 AM
  7. B. Diddy's Avatar
    My guess is that when the camera and mic icons go away and the lockscreen turns black, that's a way to save battery. When those icons go away, does anything happen if you tap the screen (but not swipe it)?
    05-03-2019 09:51 AM
  8. TechTimid's Avatar
    No B.Diddy, I just tapped it and nothing happened.
    05-06-2019 08:39 PM
  9. Javier P's Avatar
    No B.Diddy, I just tapped it and nothing happened.
    Those are two different screens. When you tap the power button you get the lock screen, with the icons at the bottom, the clock and any notification. When you just pick the phone you get the Moto Display screen, with the Moto clock, notification circles (that you can interact with) and the swipe up gesture to unlock the phone. You can disable this screen in the Moto app, but I find it very useful to interact with your notifications with no need to unlock the phone.
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    05-06-2019 08:56 PM
  10. Javier P's Avatar
    This link will help you to understand how Moto Display works. Some things could be slightly different depending on the model and Android version.

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    05-06-2019 08:58 PM
  11. TechTimid's Avatar
    Thanks Javier!
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    05-11-2019 04:51 PM

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