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    Android 11 arrived on my Verizon edge Plus today and it's a total mess, I'm very unhappy.

    What had been the best navigation I've had on any phone is now completely unusable, and I'm looking for a way to revert to Android 10. :-(

    Incompatible with Action Launcher: Swipe from bottom always invokes Moto App Launcher, even if Action Launcher is set as the default settings

    Edge Touch swipe in is removed by Motorola, now have to double tap to open it for shortcuts

    Can no longer set Edge Touch double tap to switch to last app, which I used hundreds of times per day

    Facebook Messenger chat heads entirely broken.
    03-17-2021 11:20 PM
  2. KeithLa's Avatar
    I resolved the Action Launcher problem, by toggling the default launcher app between it and Moto app launcher one more time in system settings, and the navigation bar started working. Phew.

    Additionally, broken Facebook Messenger chat heads were fixed by enabling the new Android 11 Bubbles feature, from in FB Messenger itself. On my phone, chat heads were opening blank windows until Bubbles was enabled.

    And lastly, it will take some time to break my Edge Touch double tap habit, but I see the navigation bar is now fixed to be compatible with Action Launcher, so I can now swipe on that to switch between running apps, which did not work on Android 10 unless using Moto app launcher.

    Additionally, I see that the navigation bar is also now working to open up the app switcher.

    So in other words, everything is working as it should, after a rocky start.
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    03-18-2021 12:32 AM

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