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    Hi All, OK, owner of the G since Wednesday and a bit of a Stats freak. Last night I did some testing.

    Fully charged and unplugged.
    3-bars and "3G" at the top of the screen.
    With 10 basic Android System Apps running.
    ..I Stopped all apps then left the G for ten minutes and Motorola/Google/Android restarted the basic apps it needs.
    Setup as wifi hotspot (NOT cable connected)

    Acer i5 - 10.6" Notebook win7pro and nothing extra running
    Display 50" 1080p TV via HDMI

    SpeakEasy.net speed test using in no particular order for download speeds only...
    ..San Fran..Dallas..Los Angeles

    Average speeds over 3 tests.
    Test = 5.8mbps
    Firefox and Netflix streaming a video in HD
    Test = 4.2mbps
    Firefox second window, Amazon Prime Video streaming in 3-bars-HD
    Test = 3.4mbps

    Battery life is not linear
    Hour 1 = 90% remained
    Hour 2 = 78% "
    Hour 3 = 65% "
    That calculates to roughly 8+hours battery life as a wifi hotspot for streaming.

    With two videos streaming, the G still very usable, I am still getting better speeds than the ADSL that is going to be history as soon as that contract is up. Wooohooo.

    Just as a test, I used the cable connected Tethering and the speeds increased by about 12%. But, with the wifi speeds being so good there seems to no real advantage to cable-tethering.

    I think I am in love!!
    01-25-2014 09:37 AM

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