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    Hi All.
    The Moto G dual SIM version was released here in New Zealand last week. Unfortunately only the 8 Gig model retailing for US$ 247 come with a plug pack and wallet. Despite what Motorola here says the 16 gig versions is MIA.

    Anyway I wanted the dual SIM version so that I wouldn't have to carry two fones around. However the carrier I use is Telecom NZ which is WCDMA only (No 2G / GSM) so when I put in two 3G SIMs one or the other would work but not both not even on standby.. I went and bought a 2Degrees SIM, a carrier here who use WCDMA and GSM and the second SIM works fine but in 2G mode only. If I switch the 3G to the 2Degrees SIM the Telecom NZ one goes off line, Big RED exclamation mark .,.

    I can't seem to find any info on the tech side of the dual SIM things anywhere for this fone. Does anyone have any info / spec on this ??

    Anyway my wife has scored a new fone to replace her SGS2. The Moto G is a great fone and I look forward some day to the Moto X or X2 being released here with the Asia Pacific LTE bands that or the Nexus 6. My current main handset is a Nexus 4..

    Well done Motorola for releasing then well spec'd budget fones world wide..
    01-29-2014 03:12 PM
  2. paulw3's Avatar
    Well I guess after the announcement a few hours ago about the sale of Motorola this post is now obsolete..

    Was nice while Motorola lasted..
    01-29-2014 08:57 PM

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