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    Hi all,

    I've got the latest updates to the KK Gallery. Now I've been filling that up a little bit (around 20 pix in addition to the default ones) and noticed that when trying to set the wallpaper makes the launcher crash. Its incidence is approx 1 in 3.

    Now it doesn't effect the phone etc, and everything continues to work just fine. But I am of course a little irritated with this repeated crashing of the gallery folder, and of course wondering if this is something that I should be worrying about?

    Second. I've been playing around a bit with the Gallery features, and enjoyed converting colour pictures to BW ones. However, now I have a lot of pictures in the Gallery which I will not be using, but ones that I also don't want t delete.

    Is there some way to make a sub-folder in the Gallery so that I can move some of these pictures into that folder and unclutter my Gallery?

    I tried checking OI File Manager but surprisingly it doesn't seem to have the option of letting me add folders.

    04-10-2014 12:23 AM

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