1. Vicky Jones1's Avatar
    hey everyone Im new to this forum
    I have Moto G 16 Gigs and Yesterday I charge my mobile to 96% then I play games , surf the internet, after all these things the battery is 91%. But when I restart my phone then It wont turn on I leave the phone for 24 hours then I hold the power button, LED blinks thrice then I Put back my phone to charge ..I found that my battery is 0% after the rebooting .. Whats the problem.??
    04-28-2014 03:14 AM
  2. GreyLike's Avatar
    I had a similar problem. It is a battery glitch.

    Update from Motorola:

    We know this is frustrating and apologize for the experience. We are working closely with Qualcomm to confirm root cause (which we believe is an intermittent error in a sensor measurement) and we are testing algorithm adjustments to filter out any spurious measurements. The phone is shutting down in these instances as a protection mechanism based on this incorrect measurement.

    All of the diagnostic data we've examined shows that the battery of your devices is okay - indeed this is why you can continue to use the phone at "1%" - because the battery still is really charged at whatever level before the abrupt drop.

    We are testing this adjustment now (better filtering) for the next system update. We know this is frustrating, both for the folks for which this appears to occur randomly, as well as those for whom it is fairly repeatable (USB). Thank you to the users who have swapped units so that we could examine them - the occurrence of this in the *total* Moto G population is very low, but that doesn't matter if it is happening to you!

    We'll share more data here as soon as we have it; unfortunately exact release schedules for updates depend on several things (carrier lab approvals, etc.) and this is not the only item in this release. However it is a priority to get out and we are testing algorithm adjustments now.

    04-28-2014 11:37 AM

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