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    Hello. I have extremely precious photos on my phone. I have 2 backup solutions, one is saved on a NAS drive, and quite recently, Google+. I am thinking about resetting my phone but I would still like to have the photos stored on my after I have reset it. I do have the backup option ticked in Settings and my Google+ settings. If I reset my phone and connect my Google accounts and what not. Will the photos I backed up to Google+ sync with the gallery app on my Moto G?
    10-21-2014 01:29 PM
  2. Ding Dong2's Avatar
    I would also like to root and encrypt it. Will there be any problems with OS updates?
    Android L does have automatic decryption right?
    10-21-2014 01:38 PM
  3. Ding Dong2's Avatar
    Can someone please answer!
    10-23-2014 03:21 PM
  4. neu smurph's Avatar
    The Google+ backup photos won't automatically sync back to the device so won't be picked up by the Gallery App after a factory reset. You will see them in the Photos App (actually a sub-component of G+) as long as you have a data connection. You can download them back to the device from the Photos app as-well if you really want a copy sat on the phone.

    Hopefully you've already checked this out but G+ photo backup has options to backup full size photos or to resize them to longest side 2048px (with the former option eating into your G Drive storage). Double check what settings you used if you want to ensure you retain the photos at original quality.

    Personally I wouldn't use the inbuilt option as my standard. My photos live on an always on Media Server at home, which backed up to an external drive at home, G Drive (via the PC app) and G+(via Picassa). I just manually copy/paste photos over to the Media Server (which is a SMB share) when I'm on my home wifi via ES Explorer

    Enabling encryption won't impact on OTA compatibility. Rooting could easily cause problems, particularly if you make changes / install stuff that changes the system partition after rooting. But it's easily fixed simply by reflashing a stock image, updating and then taking the necessary steps to re-root etc (it seems likely rooting is going to be a bit more of a PITA under lollipop).

    10-23-2014 11:20 PM

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