1. mod381's Avatar
    I am looking at possibly getting a lte moto g phone on at&t. I currently have a iphone 4s and it has been a good solid device. I am looking at android for it not being as locked down. I have read mixed reviews on the camera on the moto g. I am looking for some opinions from people that have used it for a while on how the phone is performing and how the camera quality is? Thanks
    10-21-2014 10:12 PM
  2. Old Stoneface's Avatar
    My Moto G LTE has performed flawlessly in all respects save one: There is a Post KitKat upgrade BUGs (Loss of signal etc) problem that has affected some people. I think I've been bit by it twice. After the 2nd time, which was 16 days ago, I did a cache partition clear and factory reset--just on the off chance. It hasn't happened again... (yet?)

    Performance is great. Battery life is nothing short of stupendous. Wireless and WiFi signal acquisition and retention is typical of Motorola: Terrific. GPS performance: Ditto. Best Bluetooth performance I've ever had. Call quality quite satisfactory. Speakerphone audio, ringer/notification volumes quite adequate. Display is great.

    In researching phones I'd seen lots of complaints about the camera. So many and so negative that they almost put me off buying the phone. I'm glad they didn't. TBH: The camera is quite satisfactory in my view.

    Providing the mysterious wireless signal loss bug doesn't strike again: We may well buy one of these things for my wife, too.
    10-22-2014 09:08 AM

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