1. hisense's Avatar
    I am leaning towards buying a Moto G 2014 for my kid, now that I am more confident that the battery life is good enough. However, I am also exploring the 2013 Moto G 4G LTE as it has a smaller form factor which might prove to be better in the front pocket of my kid. However, when I read the reviews it plays out like this:

    First when the phone came out, many folks loved the 4G and the SD Card. Then as updates rolled out (i.e., 4.4.4) folks started reporting bugs with loss of celluar signal and SD card malfunctions. And when I read the latest posts, even on the Motorola site itself, it seems the problems persist. So obviously, I would not want to buy this phone if these problems continue.

    My question now is, is the 2013 Moto G 4G LTE something to avoid as its likely to have problems once it updates to 4.4.4?
    10-30-2014 12:46 PM
  2. Oliver Hyde's Avatar
    I have had the 4G phone for about 4 months, had the original Moto G before that and I haven't found any bugs with either of them from upgrading to KitKat, however my SIM card has stopped being recognized twice in the time I've had the 4G, a reboot or removing and putting back in the SIM card fixed this. I would still recommend the phone the SD card is worth it alone I couldn't cope with 8GB of storage
    10-31-2014 04:02 PM
  3. Big Poppa75's Avatar
    The phone has camera issues with focusing pictures, Motorola is aware of the problem and they will update the firmware on the phone. They stated that this issues not an app issues but firmware problem.

    11-02-2014 07:26 PM

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