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    Hi there,

    I moved from an iPhone 4s to the Moto G inorder to get dual sim and a bigger (affordable) screen. I love it except for one thing - multitasking is v slow. The iphone had only 512 mb ram and yet it could move back and forth between quite a lot of big applications, re-opening them instantly. This has 1 gig and I can only have that speed moving back and forth between lightweight apps like People and Messaging. If I have google maps open and want to shuttle back and forward from it to the browser each of those 2 bigger apps seem to re-open as though from zero. Same thing if I'm moving back and forward between my mail client and my browser. Very disappointing so, firstly, I wonder is this a common experience? Is this a fact of life, that Android is poor at multitasking on 1 gig? if I moved to, say, a Samsung Galaxy 5 mini would that be as fast at multitasking as the iphone 4s? Or is Lollipop going to me more efficient on the same resources? Thanks for any comments. CS
    11-17-2014 02:30 PM

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