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    I have a motorola g, it died over night yesterday, when i woke up i tried to charge it. i plugged it in and it said "0% battery" and had the little charging battery. i checked on it 1/2 an hour later and it still said 0%. i unplugged it and replugged it and checked it a few more times and eventually it wouldnt even turn off enough to show me the 0% message. ive tried multiple outlets and 3 different chargers and still nothing. sometimes the 0% message comes back, when i try unplugging and replugging. once when i held the power and volume down buttons for 2 min it popped up with the menu thing, i pressed volume up to try to start it up but it said the battery was too low. i havent been able to get the menu to pop up again. its being very inconsistent. also, the light up top will blink sometimes, and be solid sometimes. it is usually off. when its solid, thats usually when the 0% message comes up. please help!
    01-02-2015 02:31 PM
  2. dmagana's Avatar
    I would check the battery to see if it got wet or is ruined.
    01-02-2015 03:53 PM

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