1. e30chris's Avatar
    Last night, my phone was running completely fine with no issues with the internal storage and when I woke up, I was welcomed with a message saying my internal storage was full and that a fair few apps were failing.

    I have gone into the app settings to try to clear the cache on each app but they each say "Calculating..." and will not give me the option to clear it. I have Clean Master downloaded as well and tried to clear it through that. I have been able to chip away and delete a few MB from Clean Master, but cannot delete the whole thing. However, there is a 4.8gb jump when detecting the junk cache on Clean Master which tells me there's a "tumor" of useless data somewhere on my phone.

    Is there some way through a PC to clean up the internal storage? Or is there something else I can do other than doing a system restore to get rid of all this crap? I am using a Moro G (2014).
    12-13-2014 10:05 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Show us a screenshot of the Settings>Storage menu. http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...d-central.html

    Try wiping the system cache partition from the Recovery Menu, which won't erase any personal data. The steps for the Moto X should work for the G as well: https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,8696
    12-14-2014 01:02 AM

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