1. Nick Shah's Avatar
    Having issues with two things:

    - Whenever anyone sends me voice note over what's app - it doesn't plays that voice note, where by it works in other phones

    - Auto Call Recorder, let it be incoming or outgoing call, I can only listen to my voice but not the other person's (Have changed setting from Mic to Voice Call to Voice recorded but nothing worked)

    Is this genuine problem with Moto G? Please help
    03-16-2015 02:24 AM
  2. Aniket Mhatre's Avatar
    Didn't face any of these issues. Get your phone checked
    03-17-2015 04:02 PM
  3. dakshay95's Avatar
    Backup all your chats and reinstall Whatsapp
    03-18-2015 12:19 AM

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