1. hylen's Avatar
    Update: Well, I turned it off and back on and now I have all my sounds. That was scary. I would still very much welcome input from the experts here on this problem. Now I'm afraid to change anything. Why me?

    Wow, do I need help. I said I'd be back with more questions and here I am. I am in the middle of moving and I'm packing up my computer as we speak. I will be dependent on my phone. For some reason it won't play any sounds. No sound for an incoming call, and no sounds for text. This started within the last day or two.

    Settings: I have the sound set all the way up. Settings / Sound / Volumes / Ringtone & notifications all the way up. Vibrate when ringing I had unchecked but have now checked it out of desperation. When I go to the ringtone selection screen none of them play (they did recently - I don't know what changed). Messaging / Settings / Sound is set but again won't play. I have now set that to Vibrate too. Ugh.

    What happened?

    Thank you in advance.


    Wow. No sound on calls either. At least not on incoming ones. What a disaster. Nor on outgoing calls. OMG
    06-30-2015 10:35 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    The same happened with my wife's Moto G, and more than once. Every time rebooting the phone fixed the problem. In general that's a good thing to do at least every couple of weeks. These gadgets got stuck from time to time
    07-02-2015 07:12 PM
  3. hylen's Avatar
    Okay, thank you, good to know. I guess. I will be back with more questions later! I appreciate the input.
    07-08-2015 12:23 AM

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