1. sundarmy's Avatar
    Hi All,

    I have recently installed Swiftkey Keyboard in my moto g2(2014).As it supports multiple language options, i have choosen two languages in the preference & when closing the preference tab,getting an popup 'Unfortunately Settings has Stopped'.Also during texting, i am unable to choose the multiple language preference.It looks like its get stuck with single language as default.If anyone has faced the same issue,help me out.
    07-02-2015 03:05 AM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Hi Sundamy, welcome to the forums!

    With SwiftKey you don't have to switch between languages. That's the best thing about it. You just type, or better swipe, and the keyboard will recognise the language you're using. Predictions and auto corrections will work for both languages at the same time, so you can even use words from each one in the same sentence.

    You can set different layouts for each language and they can be switched sliding the space bar, but that only changes the layout and not the dictionary you're using.

    About the settings error. Have you already reboot your phone (Power on and off)? If your system has updated recently you could try wiping the cache partition. This process can take up to 10 minutes so make sure you have at least 50% of battery left.

    07-02-2015 08:53 AM

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