1. denvy's Avatar
    Any one using Moto G here? What do think are its major drawbacks?
    07-23-2015 04:06 AM
  2. Dave Clark's Avatar
    I couldn't say as mine came with lollipop already installed which I thought was kinda odd.

    Sent from my XT1072 using Tapatalk
    07-23-2015 07:37 AM
  3. Wes Tremblay1's Avatar
    Mine came with 4.4 and worked well with good battery life.
    Now on Lollipop 5.1 and in general works as well as 4.4 did good fone.
    07-23-2015 08:04 PM
  4. isdaako's Avatar
    The only drawback I had with 4.4 was waiting for Lollipop. It worked very well but became a new phone with Lollipop
    07-25-2015 06:52 AM
  5. izzy67's Avatar
    I used to have one. Great phone for the price. Camera wasn't great. My Boost version never got lollipop. But worked pretty well on kit kat.
    07-26-2015 11:48 AM
  6. denvy's Avatar
    I didn't get a USB cable with my Moto G, there was just a charger. So I bought cable and connected to PC. But it doesn't work. I see that lot of people are experiencing the same problem! But when connected to laptop it is working fine!
    07-27-2015 04:24 AM

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