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    Hi, My google now stopped speaking some answers like what's the temperature, do i need an umbrella, whats the time, what is 1 usd in gbp
    I downloaded 4 apps and played a video and turned the video volume down and this happened.
    I deleted the apps, full media volume now, still the same error.
    I deleted the google search, google now and reinstalled.
    I deleted all history pressed retrain google now.
    I checked Speech Output on.
    Nothing has helped, it is still not working for basic commands, it is responding for things like add reminder,etc.
    It is also showing a different search result for temperature and not saying anything.

    I found that when I disable or switch off Web & App Activity section of Activity controls, it works to some extent but still not speaking, but why, I even deleted everything but if its on google now won't respond to basic things.Please help.

    Android Version Number 5.1.1
    Device Model moto g 3 xt1550
    Google App Version Number
    Language used with "Ok Google" english us

    Please help and reply, wasted hours trying to correct this. I really appreciate any help.
    11-14-2015 06:29 AM

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