1. Wiktor Olejniczak's Avatar
    Hello! ๐Ÿ™‹
    My mom bought Motorola Moto G last time. We were surprised that it came without charger but now it's OK, my mom uses her old Sony charger (from 2012) but it seems to charge very slow. Can we plug the phone to my charger from Galaxy S6? It's called 'Adaptive' so I think it should charge my mom's phone too.
    02-02-2016 09:18 AM
  2. acejavelin's Avatar
    The S6 charge will work, I believe the adaptive part just means it supports Qualcomm's Quick Charge specifications, which the Moto G does not support.

    Any quality charger with 1A+ rating should work fine for optimal charging... Personally, I use a Blackberry Playbook charger with a 1.8A rating since it will charge almost anything and has a really long cord, like 3m. Purchased a lot of 5 for like $20 last year, but in my travel bag I also carry a 3-4 year old 1A Samsung charger from my Stratosphere, works fine as well.
    02-02-2016 09:39 AM
  3. David Alfredo's Avatar
    any decent charger with 1A-2A rating will do (the phone is "smart" enough to NOT allow more charge/current/amperage than needed so don't worry). I use some Aukey charger (compatible with quick charge even if the device is not) with a good quality Anker USB lead, never had a problem, phone goes from 0 to 100 in 1 hour 50 minutes and battery lasts for 2-3 days.
    02-02-2016 11:26 AM

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