01-16-2018 06:59 PM
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    --NO RESET NEEDED in this case--

    Hey guys!

    I've got a Moto G2, main problems I had:

    - phone didn't lock
    - the notifications didn't appear anywhere, I could just hear the sound - occasionally
    - there was nothing on the drop down menu - no notifications and no other options like 'airplane mode' etc
    - last but not least, I couldn't receive any calls (could receive messages though)

    So, after surfing the web in many different forums (where it appeared that Factory Reset was the only solution), I bumped into this magic tip which saved me WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ANY RESET whatsoever!

    First switch to Safe Mode (while the phone is switched on): Press Power button and Long press 'Power off' on the popup menu --> Choose 'ok' on the popup window with title 'Reboot to Safe Mode' --> go to Settings --> Users --> Choose 'Guest' and everything starts working fine on the guest account.
    Then switch back to your account, turn the phone off and on again (this is needed to restore the applications that were disabled when we reboot into safe mode) and that's about it!

    Here's a short video of how to enter and exit the Safe mode step by step:


    Hope this helps as it helped me (after struggling for days with this little device of satan! )
    I tried this solution but when I try to switch to guest account in safe mode it returns to the owner account automatically and sometimes shows the error "google stopped working"
    any body knows what should I do?
    thanks in advance
    01-16-2018 06:59 PM
26 12

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