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    I'm pretty new to the Motorola bandwagon. I've been using mostly Samsung Galaxies for a while and just made a switch to something new, hence getting the all around impressive Moto G3. A couple of questions that came to mind, I've sideloaded countless apps on un-rooted devices before (installing apps using the .apk files) and thought about trying it out on the Moto G3. I haven't been able to make it happen though. Am I required to root the device or make any changes to it in order to install apps using .apk's?

    Given that the G3 doesn't have a an actual file explorer app built in, I'm having to use "Settings > Storage & USB > Internal Storage > Explore". Once I try to open an .apk, I get the message, "Can't open file". Is there a way around this somehow? I do have "Unknown sources" allowed.

    On a side note, I notice an option for an "Emergency call" on the lock screen. How do I set up an emergency number, if that's even possible?
    04-24-2016 01:36 AM
  2. manus31's Avatar
    I use es file explorer to select the apk in its directory which then gives option to install

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    04-24-2016 03:38 PM

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