1. BriniaSona's Avatar
    the Phone is stuck at this screen. I'm really hoping to win a new Priv or something to replace this. My girlfriend hates that the Moto G is laggy and slow at times. I think it;s fine for what I do. But anyways.

    When the phone is reset or dies, it boots to thei Optimizing app 1 of 1 screen and just stays there indefinitely.

    This is the Canadian WIND Mobile 1 GB Ram 8GB Storage version.
    05-13-2016 05:38 PM
  2. Dmitriy Oz's Avatar
    Got same problem. Every time after rebooting the phone it starts "Optimizing App 1 of 1". Stays like that for a whaile but in about 5-10 minutes boots to the OS.
    05-20-2016 05:07 PM
  3. Paul Capewell's Avatar
    You guys don't both happen to have Facebook installed do you?

    I found that installing FB took forever, it runs badly on Moto G (2015), and when rebooting after the install, I had the same message.
    05-25-2016 07:45 AM
  4. asimov28's Avatar
    I get this message even after uninstalling the Facebook app. It just re-installs it every time I restart my phone. Can not determine how to stop this.
    06-02-2016 05:46 AM
  5. jtodaro's Avatar
    One of my devices just did this. It seems it was thinking my SD card was corrupt. I formatted the SD, then went to "Application Manager" and moved all my apps back to the SD that were there before. This seems to have fixed it as these were the apps that were getting optimized.
    06-27-2016 07:17 PM
  6. MaryG58's Avatar
    Hmmm, sounds promising, how did you know which apps were being optimised? Mine doesn't say, also which apps did you send to the SD card?
    08-26-2016 09:37 PM
  7. Abhijeet Nagawade's Avatar
    Optimizing app............ is real pain
    09-06-2016 02:07 AM
  8. cprlumbert's Avatar
    how do it get my tablet to stop optimizing every time I turn it on.
    02-13-2017 03:15 PM

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