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    When I listen to music on my Moto G 3 phone, I like to listen to it very, very quietly (barely audible) because I have sensitive ears and anything louder gives me headaches. I use wired ear buds, not Bluetooth. The minimum volume when I just press the volume buttons on the sides is still too loud for me. The music player I use, BlackPlayer, has a built-in equalizer which I can use to lower the volume by setting all of the channels very low. However, it is a huge hassle to have to go to the equalizer to mess with the volume for all of the channels whenever I want to change the volume. Is there any way that I can simply adjust the main volume to below 1%? I tried using the trial version of Fine Volume Control V2, but it wouldn’t let me lower the volume below 1%. My phone also isn’t rooted, and I’d rather not try to root it because I’m afraid that I’ll mess my phone up and not be able to fix it.
    07-24-2016 12:34 PM

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