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    Hello there...So i bought a Moto G-3. I forgot my drawing password, and then i did a factory reset on it. But, i do not remember which is my gmail login. I suspect it but, flacid *** google is crazy, since it sends me the code to recover my password, and when i type it in the box, it still says, crazily, that they couldn't verify that it is me.

    Either way, i now am not sure of my google login, and if it is the login i'm thinking it might be, i don't remember the password either way.

    My desire is to completely erase all phone data, including the original (the only email i used on it) gmail account, so i can set up a new account, and enjoy the delights of my freedom again.

    Is there a way to do this? What if i can't remember which account is associated with this phone?

    (Supposing i get access to the account i suspect it is, but then end up not being this account)

    Also i'm about to murder someone if this doesn't work so, help me stop a crime from occurring. :3

    09-01-2016 06:27 PM
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    Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on this device can only be circumvented 100% of the time by downgrading to Lollipop... In order to do that you must be bootloader unlocked, and you can't unlock the bootloader without being able to access the Developer Options menu in Settings.

    So basically you need to figure out which Gmail address was used and login. Log into your various accounts and go to Android Device Manager and see which one list a MotoG3 device.

    Although you can try this method, but it's success rate is not perfect, but seems better than 50%:

    Motorola new security FRP removal, should work for all models!
    This solution is a bit long, but explained step-by-step.

    1. Charge phone up to 100%, keep charger connected.
    2. Start the phone, connect to WiFi, get to the last screen (input Google email) and press on text input and open Google keyboard settings (long press @ on bottom left).
    3. Press 'Text correction' and 'Personal dictionary'.
    4. Chose any language, press + on top right to add new record.
    5. Input anything, long press on it to select all and again long press for menu, click 'Share' -> Messaging
    6. Send the composed message to emergency number 112
    7. Press the phone icon that just appeared on the top right part of the screen
    8. Delete 112 from number selection and input *#*#4636#*#*
    9. In the opened window chose 'Usage statistics' and press back arrow on the TOP of the screen, not bottom!
    10. You are now in the phone's settings
    11. Choose 'Google' menu, 'Search and Now', 'Now Cards', 'Show cards'
    12. You have access to search menu, input 'Chrome' and open browser on www.londontechnologies.pl/page.php?id=8
    13. Download Nova, MultiWindow and Test_DPC
    14. Go back, to the previous search menu (you must press back few times and re-enable 'Show cards' again
    15. Input 'Downloads' and open the downloads folder.
    16. Install MultiWindow, press Done (phone might ask to allow 'Unknown sources' installations', turn it ON). Install Test_DPC press Done. Install Nova press Open
    17. Find and open MultiWindow. Insert the shortcut to Nova Launcher to the menu on the left side of the screen. Go back to the Android main screen
    18. Open Test_DPC, choose 'Set up device owner' and 'SET UP', select to encrypt, wait untill phone restarts and enters setup screen again
    19. Ignore pop-up window about and access MultiWindow shortcut on the left side of the screen (tap middle of the left edge of the screen, even if there are no arrows there) to open Nova Launcher
    20. Open Settings and Accounts, login your own Google account to the system
    21. Restart phone
    22. Congratulations, Google setup screen is gone, you have full control over the device now!
    23. If this helped you consider making a donation to PayPal london.technologies@gmail.com (small or big, all is appreciated)

    The way of getting into the system and installing Nova+MultiWindow can be also seen in this video -
    There are several threads on XDA about defeating FRP on this device, I suggest looking there but they are mostly very technical and require some expertise with ADB and fastboot.
    09-02-2016 07:52 AM

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