1. Krolt's Avatar
    Hi two years ago I gave up on Moto Maker and used Amazon to buy my (now dying) 2014 X.
    I am replacing it with a 64 gig G4 Plus but thing's are not going too well.
    Ordered Saturday, pick my address from a drop down list and ordered.
    receive email with first two lines of my address missing.
    The only contact is third party chat who told me their systems can't change or update anything?
    I received a shipped with a tracking number that takes me to phone being built status? Has been like that since Monday.
    Email says it will be delivered on Sunday, which I kind of doubt.
    What a state! anyone know which carrier they use?
    They don't even know my address.

    I tried number on Post Office. Fed Ex and Yodel all unknown
    09-21-2016 06:28 AM
  2. Krolt's Avatar
    Everything is exactly the same, nothing's changed. Still don't have my address. Website states being built, email saying shipped sent to me six days ago!
    Claimed money back from credit card.
    Be very wary buying from Moto Maker UK, everything seems to be beta and when it goes wrong you can only speak to third party chat company who cannot actually do anything.
    09-24-2016 05:20 AM

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