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    Play Store regularly causes other apps to suddenly close without any warning. I don't even get a crash pop-up, they're just gone. If I'm playing music while updating another app, the music will just stop. I'll look, and it's not even running in another tab anywhere, the whole app has just immediately disappeared (not to say disappeared from the phone, but I mean without a crash report, it just stops and closes itself as though nothing happened). This occurs maybe 50% of the time or more when using Play Store. Today, the Play Store, itself, crashed, after shutting down my music twice.

    Moto G5 Plus
    Play Store ver. 20.1.17 (most recent)
    Android 8.1 (most recent I can put on this phone)
    05-20-2020 02:54 AM
  2. methodman89's Avatar
    This happens when you're using an app which is getting updated.
    05-20-2020 03:32 AM
  3. enltguy's Avatar
    I am not updating any apps that even involve audio.
    05-20-2020 04:10 AM
  4. methodman89's Avatar
    That doesn't always matter. There could be common files, directories, security code, etc.
    Does it ever happen out of the blue, or just updating?
    05-20-2020 07:37 AM
  5. mustang7757's Avatar
    Try clearing play store data,cache, force stop .
    05-20-2020 10:51 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Do you get any error messages at all, or do apps just simply dump you back to the homescreen? How do you know the Play Store is responsible?

    Do you have any apps installed that claim to "clean" your phone, "boost" your RAM, or "save" your battery? (I use quotes because the exceedingly large majority of those kinds of apps do nothing of the sort.) If so, get rid of them and see if the problem persists?
    05-21-2020 12:16 AM

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