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    The above phone has become unresponsive. On start up after the Moto blue screen it then changes to different colours for about 15 - 20 secs before going to a black screen saying phone starting. The home screen then appears but without the green background and with none of the three buttons at the bottom. If I select say settings it will go to that but I cannot return from it. The only way is to restart the phone. Also if you try to reply to a text it won't let you and if you try to do a search in any section it does not put up the keyboard. I think it is a major software problem unless anyone can suggest any alternative
    07-18-2020 04:51 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! Does this also happen in Safe Mode? Using Safe Mode on the moto g7 play

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    07-18-2020 11:52 AM
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    If safe mode same , do factory reset
    07-18-2020 09:56 PM

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