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    I'm working through the androidcentral tutorial, creating my first app. I've followed the instructions for running the app on a real device: turned on the Developer Options on the phone, and connected it via the USB cable to my PC. The PC sees the phone as an XT1034, running firmware version 1. The phone is running 4.3, and I have built the app for 4.3 (I installed the SDK for 4.3 after the app built for 4.4 didn't run either). The ADT version is v22.3.0. Just pro forma, I've rebooted my PC, disconnected-waited-reconnected the phone, and turned the phone on and off, thus rebooting everything I can think of to reboot. Under developer options, I've tried it with "Stay awake" off and on, and with "USB debugging" off and on.

    The only thing that isn't standard is that I don't have a SIM card installed because I'm not using it as a phone, only as a platform to run local apps and to get email via wireless. I don't see how the absence of a SIM card would prevent the ADT from seeing the device over USB, however.

    Does anybody have any suggestions about where to look or what to try next? I want to be able to load the apps I develop on the phone for demonstration purposes, so creating an AVD would only be postponing the problem. Thanks!
    01-22-2014 11:21 AM

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