1. Graham Thomas's Avatar
    I've got a Moto G and a Nexus 7 (2012), both running Kitkat. Today an update (v.0.9.10) appeared for Google Cloud Print on the Nexus but not on the Moto (where I still have 0.8.10). When I go to Google Play.. My Apps.. All, Cloud Print appears on the Nexus as 'Installed' but on the Moto I get 'Update'.

    Fine, I thought, I'll update it manually. Go. It starts to update, but then I get a message, "Package file was not signed correctly. Uninstall the previous copy of the app and try again." However, I can't see any way to uninstall Cloud Print. Uninstall is not given as an option on the Moto (though it is on the Nexus) in Google Play (and in Settings.. Apps.. I can stop and/or disable but not uninstall.)

    I'm not sure how much of a problem this is, given that (as I understand it) Cloud Print is a plugin rather than an app in Kitkat. It may just be that the Moto G requires a version with a different signature and that this will happen in time. But maybe there is a problem. Should I have v.0.9.10, and if so how can I get it?
    05-07-2014 03:41 AM
  2. shetach's Avatar
    Using moto x here and noticed the same thing. Tried manually updating and got the same error.

    Posted via Android Central App
    05-07-2014 09:04 AM
  3. Graham Thomas's Avatar
    Thanks. That's comforting.
    05-07-2014 09:16 AM
  4. DannyHeard's Avatar
    I've had this too, slightly annoying as I like to keep all my apps and services up to date

    Posted From My Awesome Moto G
    05-08-2014 03:23 AM
  5. Graham Thomas's Avatar
    There's more info in the Motorola support forum, including what looks like a definitive answer to the question of when this will be fixed (short answer: with the next Android update on the Moto G). See here:

    05-08-2014 08:12 AM

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