1. peter_crenshaw's Avatar
    When my motorola moto g (kitkat) loses network coverage (e.g. when i am on the sub just going thru a tunnel) it will change to flight mode (in this case only emex calls are possible, the triangle with the white cross appears on the upper edge refer to attachment). Now the problem: most of the times it logs on to the network successfully by itself, but many times it just doesnt! This really a pain in the ***, especially when expecting urgent calls.
    Can someone help me out here? Is there a special setting I can tweak?

    Attached Thumbnails When my Moto G lost network coverage, it doesnt log back on by itself-motorola-problem.jpg  
    03-01-2015 03:20 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    I've never had that problem with my Moto G and I don't know of any setting that could be related. Never saw that red triangle. My phone is unlocked though. Take a look at the carrier settings and try to find any kind of optimisation option.
    03-01-2015 03:32 PM

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