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    I am getting the Moto G 2015 tomorrow at Moto Maker. I'll be getting the 2G RAM model.

    I am trying to get a case for it before it arrives, and I much prefer a hardshell case with a kickstand, and I want the kickstand to be VERTICAL. I absolutely cannot stand those kickstands that place the phone in a horizontal position. No, no, no--I almost always use my phone vertically. I typically have auto-rotate turned off (or to "portrait" as the Moto E 2015 I currently use calls it). I'm very firm on this, I do NOT like using my phone horizontally, ever, except when watching videos, that's it.

    I have been looking for such cases, but I can't find any, and I swear I've looked everywhere. All I can find are "soft gel shells" with no kickstand at all, or cases with horizontal kickstands, when what I want is a VERTICAL kickstand. This surprises me, this phone is a big seller, I'm surprised at how hard of a time I'm having.

    Anyone else have any better luck, links etc to share?
    09-08-2015 03:03 PM

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