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    Hey guys, i got a problema with a second hand Moto G 2014. Like 22h-24h of charging to full battery according to lollipop screen stat

    It takes a very loooong time to chrage. Stupidly long time. The first night i put it to charge with a 550mah original charger from Nokia and i thought: ok, it's the charger. Then i used a 1A original iPhone charger and nothing, like 15h to full charge.

    I bought a 2.1A generic charger to see if, more mah = less time to charge. The first night was only 6h with 30-40% of battery reaching like 80% after 5h and i was: ok, it's better.
    The problem came again this night: plugged with 27% of battery at 10:30pm and what was my surprise? 10:30am with 57% of battery

    I don't know what the problem is, the charger? Battery? usb port? Need help guys. At this moment, like 5 days of have this moto G, it never reach the 100%...

    PD: If you see problems with the redaction, sorry, my english is bad
    03-01-2016 04:29 PM

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