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    So heres whats going on, i updated my Moto G3 to marshmallow, thinking it would be better, maybe have an improved battery life, performance, etc.

    Everything is good, except, now whenever i get in my car and expect the music to play, every second time or so (ill be lucky for 3 consecutive times), my radio shows everything working but theres no sound, and i cant see anything on the phone unless i go into google music and theres a music playback error, either the track couldnt be played or couldnt be found, i think i got the same error when i tried playing a link in a playlist for a song i deleted, or that play didnt update for.

    Anyway, like that, no music can be played over bluetooth, even with VLC. and no errors are shown either unless i open the player and try to play a song in there.

    To resolve this, i have to disconnect bluetooth, then turn it back on again which takes about 15 seconds for bluetooth to shut down. then everything works fine again.

    I looked and cant find any similar problems on google, none that were resolved at least.

    What can i do here? bluetooth options are so limited. for other reasons i cleared the system cache partition, didnt help, tried accessing just about every setting on the phone, clearing every cache, etc. what do i do?
    Should i root the phone and get some advanced/debugging programs? or root it and install the previous version of android on there, i have other reasons for wanting to root the phone but not so strong unless it means i can get music playback again.

    Is it possible a lack of ram is to blame here?

    idling my average ram use is always around 80% even when marshmallow was just freshly installed and i literally had no other apps on the phone, this is one reason i want to go back to 5.
    Also i have some minor issues id like to try to resolve that require superuser access.

    But i would preffer to just leave everything be and just fix the bluetooth, is there perhaps some logging program i can use that can find out what the actual error is? like error codes or whatever the system gets which i cant ordinarily see, or debugging feedback, etc which i could interpret or post?
    04-27-2016 09:00 PM
  2. acejavelin's Avatar
    Lack of RAM is not the issue, at least I doubt it...

    My first thought is remove all Bluetooth pairings and devices from the phone, then go to Settings - Backup & Reset and select Network Settings Reset, and press the Reset Settings button and allow it to complete. After that reboot (this may be an opportunity to clear cache as well) and setup the BT pairing again and test.

    Be aware, this will reset ALL network settings, including and WiFi passwords and associations you had setup.

    If this fails to fix the issue, a full Factory Data Reset may be needed.
    04-28-2016 08:24 AM
  3. sadpone's Avatar
    i tried both options but it didnt work.
    So far ive found i get less music bluetooth crashes if i pause music before each time i disconnect/turn off the car.
    06-24-2016 12:00 AM

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